February 25, 2016

Custom Witty Welcome Mat

So this is a super simple, super exciting DIY that I just had to share. It probably only took me 15 minutes and $5 bucks to do, and it still makes me happy every time I come home and look down. I'm going to talk you through creating your own custom, personalized welcome mat, and even better -- going to give you some ideas because truly, the possibilities are endless.

First things first, you'll need a mat. I got mine from IKEA for $5 and it was a GREAT deal. This was exactly the style and size I was looking for, and I'll tell you, for five bucks, it's held up really well. Once you have that home, the planning begins. You'll need to choose the saying you want to include on your mat and the color you want it in. It can be a last name, a funny joke, a cool saying or something more traditional (although I am slightly against the traditional route). Want to celebrate your Jewish heritage? This one's for you. Want to greet your guests like a captain on a ship? Right here. Come from down unda'? Well, g'day to you!

Personally, I like the chill, down to earth ones that make you feel good just looking at 'em. You know, your "'Sup?" or the one I chose to go with, "yo."

So once you know your saying, you get to choose the motif you're going with. I went with a straight black to make sure it would go with the rest of my outdoor decor, but the world is your oyster. I think the Bahama Blue option would work great with beach decor, or the Watermelon Pink for a girl's place.

I chose to free-hand my letters -- with the material of the mat being so dense there wasn't a lot of room for messing up and it was so much faster than trying to print letter, trace them, etc. Just go for it -- make sure you use a relatively small paint brush so the bristles are easily managed. From just paint your letter (probably 2-3 layers for the best results), let it dry overnight and voila!