I never thought I'd be writing in the "About" section of my DIY blog, but well, here I am. Although I'm not technically a "newlywed", my husband and I have been together since I was 16 so now, 3 years into marriage I am finally getting to feel like an adult.

As an adult, I thought it was necessary to get rid of the wood-laminated, Swedish-made, wood-laminate, college dorm furniture we previously had and get some quality pieces. Unfortunately, "quality" often equates to "a whole lotta dinero" -- so I started small.

It started with me spray-painting and adding a lamp shade to the ceiling fan in our apartment -- and I was hooked. Seeing the transformation of something so simple and tangible was a great feeling. Working in advertising, I am often dealing with the "intangibles", so on weekends being able to get out from in front of my computer (thanks a lot, Blogger) and making something tangible with my hands was a great feeling.

I started to realize that I was, in fact, pretty good at a lot of this stuff and it was turning out amazingly. With that, a whole lot of knowledge, some scars, and hundreds of photos on my iPhone brought me here...thus, Carpe DIY was born.